AP-RASC’10 Young Scientist Award (Date of Announcement: June 14, 2010)

Young Scientist Award (YSA)
Recipients List

The AP-RASC'10 Young Scientist Program Committee is pleased to announce that the following 20 young scientists have been selected as recipients of the AP-RASC'10 Young Scientist Award (YSA). Congratulations to all of you!

Australia  Dr. H. E. BignallY0048JCDaJ
Canada  Mr. S. K. PodilchakY0051B2B
Germany  Mr. Q. LiY0018GFH2cG
IndiaxDr. A. P. KakadY0020HG2bH
IndiaxDr. C. SinghY0010E4E
IndiaxDr. K. N. UmaY0006FPF
IndiaxDr. S. S. DasY0005FPF
Indiax Dr. S. V. ThampiY0023GFH2bG
Japan  Dr. K. KumamotoY0032DC2D
Japan  Dr. M. HikishimaY0016HG2aH
Japan  Dr. Y. AshiharaY0039GPG
Japan  Dr. Y. SatoY0042HG2cH
Japan  Dr. Z. LiY0022B3B
NigeriaxDr. J. S. OjoY0014FPF
PolandxMr. J. PodwalskiY0044BEFKbB
Russian FederationxMr. I. Y. SergeevY0041GPG
South Korea  Dr. H.-J. LeeY0028K2K
UkrainexMr. D. M. NatarovY0036B5bB
UkrainexMs. O. V. ShapovalY0035B5bB
United Kingdom  Dr. C. H. SeeY0007B3B

The YSA recipients from developing or some East-European countries with an "x" in the "GRANT" column above will receive a travel grant of 100,000 Japanese yen (in cash) at the maximum upon their arrival at the conference site. The travel grant varies depending on countries where the recipients live.

All the YSA recipients must confirm that they will attend the Conference. It is guaranteed the YSA recipients will each receive:

Basic accommodation near the conference venue (Toyama International Conference Center) will be provided by the AP-RASC'10 Steering Committee.

It is required that the YSA recipients

There will be the "SPC/YSA Award Ceremony" at the Conference Banquet on September 24, 2010, where the recipients will each receive a certificate.

Invitation letters will be sent to all the YSA recipients along with more details.

For any inquiries, please contact:

Young Scientist Award (YSA) AP-RASC’10 Young Scientist Award [PDF version of this page, 81KB]

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