Instructions for Oral Presentation: 


You must bring and attach your own computer to the LCD projector in the session room. Both HDMI and VGA connectors are available.



Instructions for Poster Presentation: 


The poster layout is portrait. The dimensions of the poster presentation should not exceed 1800 mm (height) and 900 mm (width). The poster size should be less than A0 size (1189 mm height and 841 mm width). Authors are required to use only the boards corresponding to their posters. Each poster board is marked with a poster ID‚Äźnumber, which can be found in the poster program.


Please keep in mind that the poster message should be clear and understandable without oral explanation. Please use an appropriate text font size and illustrations allowing posters to be readable by participants from two meters away.


Posters can be put up from 12:30 on September 5, 2019. After the poster session is over (18:30 on September 5), all the posters should be removed immediately.