Student Paper Competition Winners

Winners of URSI-JRSM 2015 Student Paper Competition


 A total of 13 students applied for the URSI-JRSM 2015 Student Paper Competition (SPC).  The URSI-JRSM 2015 Technical Program Committee (TPC) selected three finalists based on evaluation of the full-length papers submitted by the applicants, as well as their presentations in the Poster Session on September 3, 2015.  The SPC finalists made oral presentations at the SPC Special Session on September 4, 2015, which were open to all participants.  At the SPC Special Session, members of the URSI-JRSM 2015 TPC judged the presentations and selected the winners of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes as shown below.


First Prize:

  Mr. Takashi Takeuchi (Nihon University, Japan)

  "Maxwell-Schrodinger Hybrid Simulation for Optically Controlling Quantum States: A Two-Level System Manipulated by a Light Pulse Pair"


Second Prize:

  Mr. Yu Yasuda (Osaka University, Japan)

  "Terahertz Wireless Transmission Enabled by Photonics Using Binary Phase-shift Keying At 300 GHz"


Third Prize:

  Mr. Li Yi (Tohoku University, Japan)

  "Large Scale Subsurface Velocity Estimation with Array GPR System YAKUMO"


 At the SPC Award Ceremony on September 4, 2015, each of the three winners received prizes (a certificate and prize money).

 Congratulations to all the URSI-JRSM 2015 SPC Winners!


Mr. Takashi Takeuchi, Nihon University, SPC First Prize Winner


Mr. Yu Yasuda, Osaka University, SPC Second Prize Winner


Mr. Li Yi, Tohoku University, SPC Third Prize Winner


SPC Winners (from left to right: Prof. Kazuya Kobayashi, URSI-JRSM 2015 General Chair; Mr. Takashi Takeuchi, SPC First Prize Winner; Mr. Yu Yasuda, SPC Second Prize Winner; Mr. Li Yi, SPC Third Prize Winner; Prof. Satoshi Yagitani, URSI-JRSM 2015 Technical Program Committee Chair)

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