Call for Papers:

*Submission has been closed on August 5, 2015.*

 The PDF version of call for papers is here.

 The poster session covers scientific activities by the URSI Commissions A-K:

  • Commission A: Electromagnetic metrology
  • Commission B: Fields and waves
  • Commission C: Radiocommunication systems and signal processing
  • Commission D: Electronics and photonics
  • Commission E: Electromagnetic environment and interference
  • Commission F: Wave propagation and remote sensing
  • Commission G: Ionospheric radio and propagation
  • Commission H: Waves in plasmas
  • Commission J: Radio astronomy
  • Commission K: Electromagnetics in biology and medicine

Prospective authors are invited to submit a one-page abstract via the URSI-JRSM 2015 website by August 5 (extended), 2015.

Applications has been closed on August 5, 2015.*Submission has been closed on August 5, 2015.**Submission has been closed on August 5, 2015.*