Paper Submission

*Submission has been closed on August 5, 2015.*

Paper Submission Guidelines

1. All contributed papers are to be submitted on line via EDAS.  No email-attachment or hard-copy submissions will be accepted. The link to EDAS is at the bottom of this page.


2. Every author submitting a paper should prepare a one-page abstract of the paper as a PDF file, with the file size not exceeding the 5 Mbyte limit. 

    *Click here for the "Sample Abstract (PDF)."

    *Click here for the "Sample Abstract (TeX)."

    *Click here for the "Sample Abstract (Word)."


3. The submission deadline for both contributed and invited papers is August 5 (extended), 2015.


4. When the first author and the presenter of a paper is a full-time student, he or she can apply for the "Student Paper Competition (SPC)." Each applicant has to prepare extra documents in addition to the one-page abstract.

    *Click here for further information about the "SPC."


5. Since all the contributed papers, accepted for presentation, are to be presented in the poster session, one presenter can submit only one paper.


6. The author should choose one most relevant URSI Commission when submitting the paper.


7. Each abstract will be reviewed by the URSI-JRSM 2015 Technical Program Committee. The abstracts of accepted papers will appear in the Conference Proceedings (online).


8. The corresponding author will be notified of the review result for his/her abstract on August 13, 2015. If accepted, authors are requested to upload the final version of the abstract by August 20, 2015. Before uploading the final version, the corresponding author is required to complete the Pre-Registration. (Note: Only one-page abstracts are published in the URSI-JRSM 2015 Proceedings.)

9. Procedure of submission via EDAS is as follows:

(a) Please select one of the tracks, "Invited Paper" (for speakers of keynote lectures, special lectures, and invited talks), "Regular Paper" (for poster speakers) or "Student Paper Competition" (for SPC applicants).


(b) One of the authors "registers" the paper by providing the paper information. He/she can add any number of authors to the paper. All authors have an equal status; there is no special "correspondence author".


(c) An e-mail message will be sent to each of the authors at the time the abstract has been uploaded.  When uploading the abstract of

your paper, you have to agree to the terms of the IEICE Copyright Transfer.


(d) SPC applicants should also upload the full-length paper.  The copyright of this full-length paper is not transferred to IEICE.


*Click here for paper submission via EDAS.*